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300 hrs of content is uploaded to Youtube Every minute

Marketing digital content these days is really tough, especially if you don’t have a well established audience.


Over 300hrs of content is uploaded to Youtube every minute, with a high percentage of the eyeballs going to the top 1% of creators on the platform.


As a video producer, web series or production company, it can be extremely difficult to get results, or even know where to start. 


Over the past four years I’ve tried hundreds of different marketing techniques, have learned what works and went from getting 400 views/video to 100,000 views/video.


My content has been featured across the web, in hundreds of blogs, successful reddit posts and the Youtube recommended page. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunities being offered to my projects.


There is no magic pill to getting seen on Youtube, and anyone who says so is either naive, or not telling the truth. That said, there are a number of strategies you can do to give your videos the greatest chance of success and get the results you’re looking for. 


How to market your Videos on Youtube

So what's the solution? I’ve written a short e-book outlining the basics of Youtube Marketing, and what Ive learned over years of hustling to get eyeballs on my content. You can the book for free below. 


In addition to the free ebook, I offer in-depth Youtube marketing consultation services for: 


  • Marketing Companies 

  • Production Companies 

  • Independent Producers 

  • Short Films

  • Documentaries

  • Web Series 


We will work together to create an awesome and affordable campaign to hit your projects goals.


Get in touch to learn more about our process and pricing.

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