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Stephen is a professional speaker, Youtuber and expert at using failure to make learning effective and efficient. 

Stephen Robinson has spent the past four years learning over a 130 new skills, and documenting the process of learning those skills on his Youtube channel 52skillz and TV show “How to Learn Anything”. He is most well known for learning how to solve a Rubik's cube while skydiving, but has pulled off dozens of other crazy stunts during this time. Training a cat to launch a rocket, building a cake baking robot and surviving in the wild for 5 days in clown makeup just to name a few.


Stephen has leveraged this collection of experiences into a fantastic and unique talk, which central themes touch on the value of failure, persistence and why you should always be bad at something. Each talk is the perfect combination of entertaining and inspiring, and will leave the audience fired up to fail forward.

It has been performed for TEDx and 40+ other diverse organizations.

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"Comedic, compelling and entertaining, Stephen Robinson is a powerful speaker. Stephen connects almost immediately with his audience and leaves everyone he comes in contact with excited."

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Featured Keynotes

Master Class on Failure Persistence and Learning Anything

60 min -  Keynote, Q+A

Can add a 30min skill learning workshop

This talk is designed to entertain the audience just as much as it inspires them. Throughout the presentation, Stephen extracts valuable lessons from when he learned to build a cake baking robot, survive in the wild for 5 days and solve a Rubik's cube while skydiving.

Using the Rubik’s cube skydive stunt as a framework, he will share with the audience the value of persistence, asking for help and most importantly, why failure is the number one ingredient to self improvement. 

Key Takeaways

  • Frame the combination of failure and persistence as the key success  

  • Outline the steps Stephen uses to make learning effective and enjoyable

  • Explain how to tackle boredom, and get out of your comfort zone

  • The audience leaves fired up, and ready to go out and learn something new  


"Stephen spoke to our group of 100 people about the value of failing and trying again and again. His message of persistence was very valuable to our team. I would recommend 52 Skillz to any sales organization!"

- Brad Sharron 


Master Class on the basics of Youtube

60 min -  Keynote, Q+A

Can add a 30min workshop

Over 300 hours of content is uploaded to Youtube every minute, with most of it never reaching more than a few hundred people. How do you stand out against  the infinite options people have when they are scrolling through the abyss? This talk will outline the tangible things you can do as a video producer, media company or Youtube creator to stand out, increase your chances of success and get VIEWS.  


Key Takeaways

  • Basics of Youtube’s Algorithm

  • Importance of Thumbnails and Core Design Tips

  • Provide Tools for Targeted Keywords

  • Pre-Production Strategies for Getting Views

  • Leveraging Other Social Media Outlets  

  • How to Use Google Adwords effectively

Videos of Stephen Speaking

Stephen's Youtube Channel

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