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The lessons in each talk are extracted from learning over 130 skills for my Youtube channel 52skillz and TV show How to Learn Anything. The key takeaways touch on the value of failure and persistence when tackling just about any challenge.

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Every minute over 300 hours of content is uploaded to Youtube. Let me help you stand out.

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Expert in Edutainment,

Youtube Marketing

and Speaking about Failure. 


I specialize in creating authentic, edutainment with a comedic element to it. My current projects are producing content for the Youtube channels 52skillz and Frick I Love Nature. 

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I began my self titled Youtube channel in 2014 with the intention of learning how to use a camera, edit video and be cool. Seven years of creating content for Youtube and Canadian Television later, I have developed a passion for creating mini-movies that educate as much as they entertain. I am currently producing content for my Youtube Channel, producing and writing "Frick, I Love Nature" for CBC Gem and speaking for organizations on failure, perseverance and why you should always be bad at something. 

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